Q: What is Procuring Wellness

A: Procuring Wellness is the fastest-growing members-only self-care website, where you can get advice from a real Health Coach, receive professional coaching and support and learn the honest answers giant drug companies don't want you to hear regarding all your health questions and concerns.

Q: What are the membership terms and conditions?

A: Just for joining Procuring Wellness, you get to "Ask-the-Health Expert" about any health question or concern and receive a personal answer by email free; and of course you get unlimited access to Procuring Wellness for the length of your membership (Promotional offers vary. You may not redeem two promotional offers.)

If you don't call to cancel your card will be automatically billed according the the terms of the membership you signed up for. These were detailed on your sign up page and were emailed to you. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-866-267-4969 (Toll-Free)-free, or by completing our online form..

Q: Why was my credit card charged?

A: You recently subscribed to our service. You were charged when you signed up and the cost is automatically charged to your credit card each month for your convenience. You may cancel at any time.

Q: My credit card was charged by mistake. How do I get a refund?

A: If you believe this charge is a mistake, please fill out our Request a Call form and an agent will call at the time you indicate.

Q: How do I submit an Ask-the-Health Expert question?

A:Our Health Expert answers all member questions. Everyone receives a personal reply by email within ten business days. This service, a $149 value, is included with your membership. To submit your question click here now. You will be asked for your username and password if you have not already entered this information.

Q: When will I receive my Ask-the-Health Expert response?

A: our Health Expert tries to answer all questions within two business days. However, during high-volume periods answers may take up to ten business days.

Q: How do I complete the Wellness Assessment?

A: To complete the personal wellness assessment and receive nutritional guidance plus a personal diet and meal plan tailored just for you, click here.

Q: How do I update my Account information, change my email address or password?

A: To update your account information, change your email address or password, click My Account at the bottom of any page, or click here now. You will be asked for your username and password if you have not already entered this information.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: Easy, click here.

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